Custom performance exhaust won’t void your factory warranty

Affordable Muffler and Brakes in Hamilton Ontario

Affordable Muffler and Brake in Mount Hope, just outside Hamilton, knows that your auto dealership will often tell you only they can do work on your vehicle in order to keep the full warranty intact.

This is simply not true — all you need is a record of the work that has been done by a qualified shop. The same goes for certain modifications, like a custom exhaust that’s offered by Affordable Muffler and Brake. Not only does the shop install factory replacement exhaust systems, but it also specializes in custom bending for enhanced performance.

With a custom exhaust, you can get more power without enhancing the engine or switching to a higher-octane fuel. Custom systems can also enhance the output of a turbo on your vehicle, which is driven by exhaust pressure.  

Aside from performance benefits, a custom exhaust also looks beautiful and can be positioned differently from how it was installed in the factory. While some people go to great lengths to make their vehicle’s engine sound louder, custom bending can actually make your engine quieter! (If you’re looking for a more throaty sound from your engine, you can opt for exhaust tips and custom mufflers available from the shop that will also boost performance.)

You can be sure that all work will be done by experienced mechanics that use quality parts at the shop. As long as you don’t abuse your vehicle and get it regularly serviced to run smoothly (that is, you don’t neglect routine maintenance), you should have minimal problems with any warranty claims. Talk to one of the knowledgeable staff at the shop to find out more about your rights when it comes to warranty coverage!

To find out more about what’s available from Affordable Muffler and Brake, including reliable auto repairs at competitive rates, call 905-679-9948 or send an email. The shop is located at 2481 Upper James Street, Unit 3.

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Keep your vehicle running in tip top shape all winter long

Affordable Muffler and Brakes in Hamilton Ontario

Affordable Muffler & Brake based in Mount Hope, Ontario is a full service auto repair shop. Customers benefit from years of experience and superior service. Located just south of Hamilton, the company’s staff of licensed mechanics and vehicle technicians have the knowledge, skills and technology to keep any vehicle running at peak performance. It doesn’t matter if it is an engine problem, or issue with the muffler or brakes, Affordable Muffler & Brake can get the job done in a reasonable amount of time and at affordable prices. Honesty and integrity are the reasons why Affordable Muffler & Brake enjoys so much repeat business.

Auto repair work performed at Affordable Muffler & Brake includes everything from muffler repairs to catalytic converter replacements. The company works on commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars and trucks. And they provide parts from top brand names such as Monroe Shocks & Struts, DynoMax Performance Exhausts and Borla Brakes. With a reputation for attention to detail and honesty when it comes to quotes and pricing, Affordable Muffler & Brake is the best place in the Hamilton region for people to bring their vehicles.

With winter fast approaching, now is the perfect time of year for people to get their vehicle serviced and prepared for the cold weather, snow and ice. And Affordable Muffler & Brake can perform all the work needed to get a car, truck or minivan ready for a long Canadian winter. Engine tune-ups, brake inspections and oil changes are services offered. Deals and discounts are frequently on offer, and the company will match the best price found anywhere else in the region. Before the snow flies this year, do yourself a favour and take your vehicle to Affordable Muffler & Brake for service and a winter tune-up.   

People who love their car, truck or minivan and want to ensure that it continues operating at a high level should bring it in to Affordable Muffler & Brake in Mount Hope. There is no better vehicle repair shop in or around Hamilton. To learn more about the company and the ways in which they help their customers, please give Affordable Muffler & Brake a telephone call at 905-679-9948.

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Affordable Muffler & Brakes is also an accredited Drive Clean testing facility

Affordable Muffler and Brakes in Hamilton Ontario

Located just south of Hamilton in Mount Hope, Ontario, is a full-service, one-stop automotive repair shop called Affordable Muffler & Brakes, where new and loyal customers understand that this is not an establishment that repairs or replaces vehicle brakes and mufflers only. Do not be misled by the business’s name.

When you receive a notice from the Ministry of Transportation “inviting” you to have a Drive Clean test to determine if your vehicle meets Ontario emissions standards, you must comply. Only an accredited test facility, such as Affordable Muffler & Brakes, can perform the test, which must be done by a provincially appointed and certified inspector. This assessment is mandatory for certain vehicles to be licensed to drive on Ontario roads. This specific examination must be conducted every two years once your vehicle reaches seven years of age. The request for a Drive Clean test is usually timed to coincide with the renewal of your vehicle’s annual licence tag.

Introduced in 1999 by the Ontario government, Drive Clean was intended to weed out vehicles that belch out unrestrained amounts of exhaust fumes. The offending vehicles’ particulate emissions contribute to smog and increase pollution.

At Affordable Muffler & Brakes, the most common Drive Clean test reads the emissions computer OBD (on-board diagnostics) system. In fact, as you drive, your vehicle’s engine’s computer cycles through numerous self-exams and stores that data. Your vehicle won’t be in test mode if the battery was recently disconnected, drained or boosted — or if your engine’s computer codes were cleared during a recent repair. If an emissions reading can’t be obtained, you’ll be told to drive around for a few days and essentially build up a user “history” before returning.

Other Drive Clean tests include a tailpipe test, which measures tailpipe emissions, and an opacity test for measuring the smoke density in diesel-fuelled vehicles. You will be provided with a report after any procedure.

A fail means you can’t renew your vehicle registration until it’s made to produce cleaner exhaust.

At Affordable Muffler & Brakes, this full-service licensed shop will keep your vehicle in peak operating condition, offering maintenance and repairs, exhaust and emissions work, computerized diagnostics and more. Call 905-679-9948 to schedule an appointment today.